Awareness needed,急需的关怀醒觉

大马华人教会需要在讲台信息及门徒培训上,供应信徒有关圣经对大诫命的要求与实践。 一年52周的主日崇拜,要透过基层、贫穷、世界需要的主日安排,来唤醒全体教会看见圈外羊的迫切情况。团契或小组当透过圣经的查考,关怀讲座及拜访或服务弱势群体来使教会的生活更活泼外向。教会的祷告生活当常纪念弱势群体、关怀人员、所属社区的需要并透过感恩的奉献来回应心中的感动。全人关怀团队每年都在全国各大城镇举办行公义、好怜悯相关的醒觉巡回,也常供应主日讲台关怀相关的信息。欢迎邀请全人的同工及督导前往贵教会的小组,团契,主日及差传年会宣讲关怀的醒觉信息。

Counterbalance our mission,平衡的福音使命


Training of volunteers,全面的志工培训




From the biblical teaching and the example of Jesus who walked the talk, Christian should realize that the Great Commandment of “Loving God and others” is not a choice but a must for us to abide. Thus, churches have to obey this Great Commandment to care for the underprivileged group in the community according to the move of Holy Spirit. Here I stated the necessary preparation steps which I proposed to Chinese churches continually for the past 5 years, about bearing the Great Commandment. I summarized it by the acronym of A.C.T.I.O.N. and named it as the action plan for loving God and others.

Awareness needed

Chinese churches in Malaysia should feed their members about the requirement and practice of the Great Commandment from the Bible through Sunday pulpit and disciple training. Keep all church members awake about the urgent needs of sheep outside the pen through Sunday service specially allocated for grass root, poverty and needs of the world. Church fellowship or cell group can enhance Christian lives to become more lively and outgoing through bible study, caring talk, and visit or voluntarily help the underprivileged group. Remember the underprivileged people, care-givers and the needs of the community in prayer regularly and give with a grateful heart to respond to the move of the Holy Spirit. Every year, HISTEAM will organize awareness road show regarding “to act justly and to love mercy” in different cities in Malaysia. We also deliver social concern related messages through Sunday pulpit. We welcome you to invite HISTEAM’s staff and mentors to share about social concern awareness message in your church cell group, fellowship, Sunday pulpit or Mission Conference.


Counterbalance our mission

The instruction given by Jesus to the church is not only the Great Commission (go and make disciples of all nations), but also the Great Commandment (love God and others wholeheartedly) that is being neglected by Chinese churches. The gospel that Jesus preached is not only for sinners of the world (as there is no one righteous) but also good news to the poor (as the poor and underprivileged hardly receive the good of the gospel). Churches could not just tell non-believers in words that Jesus loves them so much, but in a more effective way would be letting them experience Jesus’ love through our action with love. It’s time for God’s people to share the holistic gospel with people on the Earth through all churches! Through “Malaysian Christian Holistic Care Conference” which will be held in every four years, HISTEAM wish to adjust the pace of evangelistic mission among Chinese churches to be more balance and pleasing God. Those who miss our first holistic care conference can purchase a full set of conference CD/DVD to listen to 14 important messages being delivered.


Training of volunteers

Chinese churches do not lack of Good Samaritan with good vision and spiritual gift. They are pearls waiting for pastoral leader to discover, encourage and commission to serve the community. However, Chinese churches lack of practical courses that can equip them with helping skills, general knowledge to care others and a compassionate heart. My past experience in training more than 2000 volunteers from religious group, non-government organization and social organization nationwide convinced me that comprehensive volunteer training not only can avoid the helper to deteriorate the situation, but also ensure them to serve in longer term and more joy. In the next 10 years, HISTEAM will assist churches to strengthen their social concern service through “7979 Holistic Care Station”. We will provide free volunteer training to assist churches in implementing Crisis Family Intervention Plan, After School Care for Underprivileged Kids and Major Disaster Response.


Bible clearly stated that if God’s people do not have vision, they will not do what God wants them to do but working on something God does not delight in. Hence, the church today needs to carry out this action plan of loving God and others steps by steps and by faith in the spiritual life of every believers and every function of the church. The Greatest Commandment needs our greatest obedience. Are you willing to respond to this great commandment through your submissive act?

(Note: The next 3 action I.O.N.  to be continued in next issue.)

Written by Pastor Andrew Wong in Xining, Qinghai



(I) 要心动行动,先从拥抱开始。




To Act in Compassion, Starts from Hug!

On Sept 16, 2010, the 4D3N of “First Malaysian Christian Holistic Care Conference” came to an end. It was a historical moment for Chinese churches and Christian social organization in Malaysia. There is total of 410 people attended this conference with 329 participants, 38 speakers, 32 volunteers and 11 committee members. There are 81 participating churches and 49 participating organizations and 44 Christian social organizations involved in Caring Ministry Exhibition. These are wonderful work of God!

We give all praise and thanksgiving unto our God. After the “baptism” of this conference, many churches, brothers and sisters were being revived by God and filled with Holy Spirit. In one accord, we see that it’s important to fulfill the mission to care about our community and act when we are moved. We should tear down the “wall” of church, by abiding the Great Commandment of loving God and others; we walk into the community and serve them. This is the mission that we Christian should shoulder together.

Before the conference ended, Rev June Yuen invited all church pastors and care-givers to embrace, confess, and forgive one another. Prayerfully through this opportunity, relationship between churches and social organizations will be restored and united as one in Christ. Let’s break the barrier that hinder us to go out, set aside all dissension and walk into the community hands in hands. Embrace the world with love, build the church in unity, and accomplish the Great Commission and the Great Commandment entrusted by God.

(II) 最新进展 Latest Updates


Three innovative service models have been introduced during the conference, and seeking partnering churches to work together. Following are some latest updates:

a. 7979全人关怀站 Holistic Care Station

许多教会牧者及领袖邀请全人关怀团队前往教会分享这模式。 其他出席研讨会的弟兄姐妹也答应把这模式带回教会,与教会牧者领袖分享,考虑加入此行列。 神也赐下许多这事工所需要的资源:有一位姐妹愿意加入全人成为陪读班协调员的全职同工,有弟兄为我们架设网站——宣传及推广7979,有一姐妹为我们设计行动外套或T-恤,也有弟兄愿意赞助2位同工去台湾受训的机票。

Many church pastors have invited HISTEAM to share this caring model in their church. Other brothers and sisters who have attended this conference also promise to share this model with their church pastors and leaders. God also grants us many resources that we need. These include a sister who is willing to join HISTEAM as full time staff to co-ordinate “Companionship Class for Underprivileged Children” programme, a brother who will help us to design and develop a website to promote 7979 ministry, a sister who is willing to help us to design “Care in unity” vest or T-shirt. Besides that, a brother agreed to sponsor air ticket for 2 staffs to attend training in Taiwan after hearing our ministry and needs.

b. 大马餐馆福音团契 Restaurant Gospel Fellowship

一位参加研讨会的牧师答应每个月一次参与餐福夜间的聚会并分享信息。禧福的一位姐妹受托负责这事工。透过符梅萍牧师的带领,我们联络了多间餐馆,其中有6间餐馆愿意让我们进去与他们分享福音(他们大多数的员工都是缅甸人,也有从缅甸来的华裔),并在这6间餐馆里成立了2个小组。有2间教会愿意在晚上11 :30开放,让我们在里面聚会。在聚会当中发现有很多缅甸来的外劳,他们不明白我们的方言。神竟然早已感动了两位缅甸牧师,愿意与我们同工,一起来服侍这班缅甸外劳。

A pastor who has attended this conference, agreed to help in preaching to the workers in restaurant during their gathering in the midnight once a month. A sister from Jubilee Initiative is in charge of this ministry. With the help of Rev Foo Moy Peng, they have contacted many restaurants, in which 6 restaurants welcome them to share gospel with them (most of the workers there are Myanmarese, some are Chinese Myanmarese) and set up 2 cell groups among the 6 restaurants. There are 2 churches lending their premises for these fellowships to meet at 11.30pm. The Myanmarese does not understand our dialect, but God has sent 2 Myanmarese pastors who will partnership with us to serve this group of Myanmarese migrants.

c. 圣诞儿礼 Operation Christmas Child

善普施的代表Rev Bill Klear分享过去一年连接本地异象持有者的努力,祈望在来年能成立大马全国领袖团队来执行圣诞儿礼的事工。研讨会中,Bill Klear牧师用心地以华语分享,透过当地教会派发来自遥远国家的礼物给贫穷孩子之运动,祈望华人教会,愿意派送圣诞礼物,将爱与福音,一起传送到大马最大的福音未得之民手上。此崭新的事工,有待即将成立的全国领袖团队于2011年落实在大马这片土地上。

For the past one year, representative from Samaritan Purse, Rev Bill Klear has been working hard to share and network some local vision holders to form a national leadership team so that they can carry out the ministry of Operation Christmas Child. In the conference, Rev Bill Klear has shared in Mandarin about this movement of distributing gifts from faraway to poverty-stricken kids through local churches. Prayerfully the Chinese churches are willing to share the love and good news of Jesus by giving out Christmas gifts to the largest unreached group in Malaysia. This new ministry will be implemented in Malaysia when the national leadership team is formed in 2011.


Remark: Feel free to contact HISTEAM for further information and updates of these innovative strategies mentioned above.


As mentioned by Rev James Shia in the conference, dismiss is not an end but a start. After this conference, we received positive response and acknowledgement from many churches, especially the 3 innovative strategies introduced. The secretariat of the conference will continue to operate in order to update churches about the progress of these innovative strategies and prepare for the next conference. We have invited about 30 pastors and leaders from different area in Malaysia to be our Regional Promote and Contact Person. This is to assist the promotion of a book with conference messages collection, “Care in Unity” Vest and follow-up the innovative strategies and ministry introduced in the conference. Visit our blog for more information.


Welcome to browse our conference blog for conclusion report and follow-up:


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Malaysian Christian Holistic Care Conference

有关本研讨会的结案短片,请在YouTube寻索1st Malaysia Christian Holistic Care Conference, 或浏览

You can watch our conference video in YouTube by searching for “1st Malaysia Christian Holistic Care Conference” or follow this link:



(III) 参加者感言。。。 Feedback from participants…










An exit in the bottleneck of love and care

Written by Shen Chiu Hsiang, founder of Shuang Fu

From 2009 till 2010, as I restructure internal organization greatly, shockingly I found out that co-workers were in fatigue state. This unexpected big change among co-workers and within the ministry causes a lot of personnel problems. My intelligence, mental and physical efforts were greatly being challenged. I prayed to God and seek His will. Thank God, He has answered my prayer and prepared this “Malaysian Christian Holistic Care Conference” for us.

When churches and organization from all over Malaysia taking part in this conference actively, in the midst of gathering in God’s love, I could feel the harmonious and beautiful of the collective wisdom and effort. The working committee invited speakers from both overseas and local to nurture and teach us according to the needs of churches and organizations. They also invited leaders from various social organizations to share their experience through workshop.

Attending this conference, my body can have a rest but my soul is full. Actually, churches and organization are the best body to accomplish God mission hands in hands but most of the time we build our own wall using our own standard. On the last day, I saw spirit of humility and loving heart. Representatives of church and organization apologized to one another and hug one another. This is a warm current that flow to harmony, the path that pleases God.

God actually equip me through these 4 days of conference to face the problems I met in my ministry. Although I was hurt and exhausted, I strongly believe that God will help Double Blessing. Of course, we need to confess our sin and repent before God first, and then adjust ourselves with a heart of thanksgiving and obedience. On the other hand, the strategy of 7979 Holistic Care Station is an impressive push. I foresee the great battle formation of gospel and care. God will revive every church and brothers and sister to charge and save the oppressed souls.

I reflect with my co-workers about these questions again: Who is my neighbour? Is he/she the one that we work together every day in the centre? Are we too familiar with one another and become a habit and law to judge one another, embarrassing others? As the speaker mentioned, we are kind to treat those we need our help, but no patience for co-worker who lively together for quite some time. In Matthew 22:37-39, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself. ”Love God and befriend with people are the most important things. When argument arises, learn to put down own point of view, then only you can see thing clearly from entire view.

One morning, a sister visited me. She is a PhD holder in psychology cum professor. She brought her students along and said that she was looking for Shuang Fu. I asked her how she gets to know Shuang Fu. She said, in the exhibition in conjunction with Holistic Care Conference, she saw 3 disabled friends from our centre, maybe they are not convenient in action, perhaps their talking are not clear, but their joyful heart truly touched her.

Thank God, His love fills our life, give us comfort and grace.


(IV) 参与者积极的回应


Lana: 你们所举办的关怀研讨会,做得很好。参加者的回应都说讲员满有恩膏,那些深触心灵的问题使他们扎心流泪。愿神唤起沉睡的巨人,教会兴起,活出他们的命定及向绝望者欢唱。这是全人在马来西亚教会,举办及协调国度事工的里程碑。

Dato Sri Idris Jala: 我们还有许多可以为我们的百姓及国家进行的事。若我们尽我们的本分及祷告,神的手必临到这土地。





Positive responses from the participants

Pr Khin Wai Yi: Thank God for this great opportunity to attend “First Malaysian Christian Holistic Care Conference”. In this short period of 4 days and 3 night’s conference, it’s like a necklace, chained one by one. Every session, it’s of independent content but with continuity and integrity. Through the messages of experienced speakers, plenary sharing of pastors and experience sharing of frontline co-workers in workshop had successfully brought out the continuity and integrity of the Greatest Commandment.  At same time, churches are called to accomplish the Great Commandment entrusted by God in unity. Not only to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind and with all our strength, but also to love our neighbours as ourselves.

Lana Wong: Well done for organising the Holistic Care Conference. Feedback from participants was the speakers were truly anointed and make all of them cry with all the deep soul searching questions. May God truly wake up the sleeping giant and the church to rise up to its destiny and sing a song to the hopeless. This is a benchmark for HISTEAM in organising and co-ordinating the churches, ministries in West and East Malaysia.

Dato Sri Idris Jala: We have a lot to do for our people and country. If we all do our bit & pray, the Lord’s hand will be upon this land.

Pr Mary Hung: Many people were upset because they have missed this wonderful conference. People who have attended commend that this conference is beyond all the praises. I hope that they are not only being moved in their heart and mouth but also they live it out in their action.

Anonymous comment from some participants:

– I’m truly grateful that I can attend this conference. It’s constructive; I’ve found the answer for the question that I’m troubling before this. I have the chance to get to know different caring ministry. From their sharing I gain a lot of insights, even enhance my faith in God for His faithfulness and guidance.

– It’s a timely conference. Hopefully in the next conference, what this conference has declared and planned will come true. I also notice that the co-workers and volunteers of the conference were serving wholehearted and make the conference run smoothly. Praise the Lord!




每一个星期天,我会和传道到不同的教会服事。虽然会重复听传道分享一些关怀的信息,但是,当我越听越多次的时候,我的领受也渐不一样。这是传道常所引用的一段经文: “因为我饿了,你们给我吃;我渴了,你们给我喝;我作客旅,你们接待我;我赤身露体,你们给我衣服穿;我病了,你们看顾我;我在监里,你们来看我。义人就回答说,‘主啊,我们什么时候见你饿了就给你吃,渴了就给你喝呢?又什么时候见你作客旅就接待你,赤身露体就给你衣服穿呢?或者什么时候见你病了,或在监里就来看你呢?’王要回答他们:‘我实在告诉你们,你们所作的,只有是作在一个最小的弟兄身上,就是作在我的身上了。’” (新译本,马太福音25章35节到40节)















《全人关怀团队》于2007年11月30日诞生在莎亚南的哥打甘文宁(Kota Kemuning),必定有神的美意与命定。开展事工前我们向神单纯的祷告是求神预备慷慨的主内肢体免费租借闲置的产业供事工使用。神真好!祂在事工开创期为我们预备了一间双层排屋,我们使用它供办公,培训,聚会及同工,志工,访客的住宿用途。由于同工及志工人数的急速增加,人满为患,我们再次向父神求,希望能找到一个让同工专心办公的地方。父神果真信实! 今年9月祂感动一位慷慨的姐妹,呈出她的一层办公楼供《全人》免费使用。成立《全人》三年后,终于有办公楼可用了,哈利路亚!

着简朴与适用的原则,《全人》首10年的事工发展都尽量避免筹募自己的建筑或中心产业。这次装修及预备《全人》新的办公楼,我们都使用超过50%的二手家具,电器,装修材料及配备。然而“工欲善其事,必先利其器”,我们朴实的装修及不能少的配备安装,也需要将近马币45,000才能让《全人》有效地运作。我们凭信心开展装修工程,并相信神会在《全人》庆祝三周年之前供应我们所需的一切。欢迎你出席30/11(星期二), 7pm 在沙亚南新生命复兴教会的《全人》三周年感恩庆,一同数算神的恩泽。你能带给我们最棒的礼物就是奉献《全人》新办公楼的装修费用。谢谢你,因你对神的爱丰厚满溢,毫无保留,我们在前线的服侍就越发放胆,满有能力!

“…… 既然开始了这慈善的事,就应当在你们那里把这事办好。你们在一切事上,就如信心、口才、知识、热情和爱我们的心,既然都是富足的,那么,在这慈善的事上,也要显出你们是富足的。”林后8:6-7

请在此下载回应表:Response Form_Chinese


In these 3 years time since establishment, we have been working non-stop to deliver the message of The Great Commandment of “Loving God and Others” to churches in all over Malaysia. We have been visited to more than 300 Chinese churches in Malaysia. We encourage and mobilize churches to care for the underprivileged group in any practical way they can through preaching, teaching and training given. With the spirit of mourn with those who mourn, we have mobilized Christian resources to respond to at least 7 major disaster relief in and out of Malaysia. In the September this year, HISTEAM has created a good platform among Chinese churches in Malaysia by organizing the “First Malaysian Christian Holistic Care Conference”. In this year also, we are encouraging Chinese churches to respond to the crisis and poverty of their neighbours through the caring model of “7979 Holistic Care Station”. God is enlarging our serving and team members gradually, from one full time worker during pioneering stage till 7 staff at present. God indeed uses this team that is established by Him to bring glory to Himself.

I strongly believe that God has beautiful plan and purpose for HISTEAM to be set up here in Kota Kemuning in Nov 30, 2007. Before we start this ministry, our naïve prayer to God is asking God to provide us generous brothers or sisters in Christ who can lend us their unused property for ministry purpose. God is good! In our pioneering stage, He provides us a double storey link house, so that we can use it as office, training centre, meeting place and hostel for staff. As the number of staff and volunteers is increasing rapidly, the house is overcrowded, so we pray to God again to ask for an office premise so that our staff can concentrate in working. God is truly faithful! In September this year, a sister in Christ agreed to lend HISTEAM an office shop lot for free. Praise the Lord! Finally we have an actual office for HISTEAM after 3 years of establishment.

By upholding the principle of simple and practical, HISTEAM will try its best not to fund-raised for own building or property for the first 10 years of ministry development. Even like this time, for the renovation and preparation for HISTEAM new office, we use more than 50% of second hand furniture, electrical appliances, materials for renovation and other equipment. However, as the Chinese saying goes: “Sharpen your tool before tackling a task”, our simple renovation and installation of necessary equipment cost about RM 45,000 in order to enable us to run our ministry effectively. By faith we start the renovation and trust in God that He will provide what we need before we celebrate our 3rd Anniversary. We welcome you to attend HISTEAM 3rd Anniversary celebration at 30/11/2010 (Tue) 7pm in New Life Restoration Centre, Kota Kemuning, together we count the grace of God. The greatest gift you can bring for us is to give offering towards HISTEAM new office renovation and equipments. Thank you! Because of your overflowing love to God, without any reserve, thus our serving in frontline will be more boldly and full of power!

“ 6… since he had earlier made a beginning, to bring also to completion this act of grace on your part. 7But just as you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in your love for us—see that you also excel in this grace of giving. ”                                                      2 Cor 8:6-7

Click here to download the response form: 3rd Anniversary Response Form_Eng


I. 《合一关怀标志》的异象:


II. 《合一关怀标志》的信念:

1. 神身体(教会)的合一(结11:19; 约17:22)


2. 主(基督)的名被高举(诗34:3;门6)


3. 心动行动地关爱邻舍(可12:30-31;路10:36-37)


III. 《合一关怀标志》设计的基本要求:

1. 图案设计- 让人一眼认出这是基督徒在行动。比如:十字架

2. 口号标语- 让人读了蒙神的祝福,安慰及鼓励。比如:耶稣爱你



1. 此活动由2010年9月15日开始,于11月30日截止。

2. 我们欢迎各种方式的设计(手绘或以电脑设计),只要参加者可以顺利地把作品寄到秘书处。

3. 此活动公开给所有马来西亚的基督徒。设计完毕后,请把作品及个人资料(中英文姓名,联络号码,地址,电邮,教会/机构)邮寄/传真/电邮至秘书处。也请设计者大略解释设计的概念。

4. 评审团是大会筹委及指定的设计师。

5. 设计版权将归“全人关怀研讨会”大会秘书处。


首奖:马币300令吉,赠送书籍Peter’s Pithy Pointers II及日粮爱礼各1本,赠送合一标志完成品一件。

次奖:马币200令吉,赠送书籍Peter’s Pithy Pointers II及日粮爱礼各1本,赠送合一标志完成品一件。

三奖:马币100令吉,赠送书籍Peter’s Pithy Pointers II及日粮爱礼各1本,赠送合一标志完成品一件。


Holistic Integrated Services Bhd 全人关怀团队

Add: 20, Jalan Anggerik Doritis 31/156, Kota Kemuning,

40460 Shah Alam, Selangor

Tel: 03-5122 1130                   Fax: 03-5121 0717

Email: pc.histeam@gmail.com



此外,大会也趁这全人关怀研讨会,召集了49 家来自大马各地的关怀机构展出他们的事工。这展览会的目的是为了向大马华人教会与华社展示基督徒在大马以实际行动来分享基督无条件大爱的美善见证。详情如下:

日期:9 13-15




14-15/9/10     3pm – 7pm 捐血运动

14/9/10           5.30pm         Peter Young 新书推介礼 <Peter’s Pithy Pointers 2>, 《日粮爱礼》

15/9/10           5pm-7pm 赠送关怀同工《心灵关怀圣经》



慨施(CREST),《全人关怀团队》的策略伙伴早在8月的第1周就透过巴沙瓦当地巴基斯坦的伙伴去分发食物喂养650名灾民。由于是穆斯斋月禁食的时段,因此“慨施”计划派发炊具和未煮过的食品。他们现在正准备家庭食品包,每包可供应一家人一个月需要的食品包花费是US$127 (MR$400)。从27/8至4/9期间,慨施也会差派一支7人组成的医疗团队。他们将运送3个集装箱可容纳3万公升的干净水、食物、新衣物及药物等供应。《全人关怀团队》率先将RM5,000交付我们的策略伙伴供目前紧急补发之需。






将奉献直接存入“慨施”马来亚银行的户口<MBB5141-9611-8174 >,之后将同存款单据(并写上奉献目的、款项、姓名和邮寄地址)传真至03-7725 7298




  1. 水患已退去,只留下臭味和污秽的泥巴。许多人因此患上皮肤病,肚泻和急性呼吸系统疾病。求神将所需的药品及医治速速临到灾民!
  2. 为马来西亚、新加坡和巴基斯坦的基督徒灾难回应团队祷告。让大家能够彼此合一,充满美善、慷慨、恩典、怜悯和恩膏地服侍当地灾民。
  3. 为着赈灾团队的签证能够在星期四(26/8/2010)顺利通过并求神保守在地食品、水源、住宿和交通的安排。让赈灾团队服侍的医疗诊疗所和食品派发的地方可以有良好的安全措施。
  4. 祷告让“以实玛利”的祝福被释放,被遗弃的孩子重新回到亚伯拉罕、以撒和雅各的神。